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“Do what you love to do and what you are curious about.  Be open to listening to others.  Be humble in your approach to all that you do.  If you are going to do something, give it your all.”

Jason Aaron Bragg

Jason Aaron Bragg

Jason Aaron Bragg, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of an alternative asset manager, has found himself in a number of leadership roles throughout his professional career.  With each new experience, Bragg continues to craft and cultivate a most effective leadership style.

Throughout his career, Jason Aaron Bragg has found that practicing organizational psychology in the workplace can be beneficial to most companies in a multitude of ways. In order to lead a strong organization and foster success, you have to first be willing to analyze personalities and the overall employee morale. As a leader, attempting to understand what motivates people has been beyond helpful to Bragg. Working with people of different backgrounds, genders, ages, economic circumstances and trying to hear them and understand what “makes them tick” has been an important aspect of Jason’s leadership style. Acknowledging different employee working styles, and crafting his leadership accordingly has been highly valuable to Jason.

Furthermore, learning how to not judge others for their efforts or approach and being open to hearing about others ideas has made for a more inclusive and honest work environment. Demonstrating a level of humility and being open to those critical of his own ideas has made Bragg a more approachable and effective leader. By fostering such attributes, Jason effectively creates an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking.

Being in a leadership position, Jason Aaron Bragg is continuously learning new ways to critically think and brainstorm. Fostering an efficient, inclusive, and happy work environment is an ongoing aspect of any leader’s career. Recognizing the significance of organizational psychology in the workplace is the first step towards true success.


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